Getting the Most from Your Lessons


Lesson Day at Accordworks:

  1. Please use the restroom before your lesson, if necessary
  2. Remove instrument, book, pick, strap, etc, from case
  3. Place case out of the way of other customers
  4. Open book to current lesson
  5. If time permits, visually/mentally review your current lesson
  6. Be ready to enter and begin your lesson when your teacher greets you
  7. Bring your case and book(s) with you into your lesson
  8. Place your music book on stand
  9. We will tune and begin your warm-up
  10. Please warm-up on your own if your teacher is detained momentarily
  11. Discuss any problems or questions or discoveries about your lesson
  12. Have fun! (and smile, please).... your teacher wants you to be happy
  13. Please be sure you know what you are working on before leaving
  14. Review your lesson that same day/night; no later than next day or you may forget what to do


Your Daily Weekly Practice:

  1. Learn well, play slow, play faster, repeat, repeat, every day!
  2. To learn well: Read and say note names, fingering, rhythm counting (picking, bowing, articulation)
  3. Get the big picture (form) of the song, then break it into phrases; look for repeated or similar phrases
  4. Work on a phrase until you can play it well, slow and fast
  5. Work on next phrase until you can play it well, slow and fast
  6. Connect those two phrases, playing slow then gradually faster as you repeat them
  7. Keep learning new phrases and conecting them to until you have the whole song learned
  8. Practice tough phrases more than easy phrases (eventually, they are all easy)
  9. Do not keep playing the easy parts or playing from the start of the song every time
  10. Practice looping or repeating phrases 2 times in a row, 4 times, 8 times
  11. Say "I did it" or "I won that round of the game" each time you get to that next level
  12. Write in your book! Check off phrases you know well; and circle tough parts
  13. Write any questions in your book or a notebook to ask teacher during lesson
  14. You must first learn and play correctly, then daily repetition will make it easy and automatic
  15. If you learn it wrong or play it poorly, then repetition will reinforce playing it wrong
  16. Practice/play a half-hour every day to get good results
  17. Warm-up with a song you like and play well
  18. Work on your lesson for the week
  19. Finish with a review of past songs/lessons
  20. HAVE FUN!